Fait Accompli

The passage of time is unavoidable to anyone alive. The consequences of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, fortnights, months, seasons, years, decades, eras, centuries, ages and millenniums may be undetectable and slight but entirely inescapable. We are all going to die. Everyone we know will soon pass into whatever happens next. We don’t truly know if anything happens at all beyond this chunk of time we call life and the perceptions of time we call memory.


There is absolutely no permanence. Time moves quickly and relentlessly and the percentage we experience is fleeting but not necessarily meaningless. People possessing great power, wealth, fame and infamy will die just like everyone else, just like the poor, obscure and dispossessed.


Only arrogance, ignorance and obliviousness can shield us from internalising the futile fight against time. Enlightenment can raise difficult questions that ultimately lead to despair and madness. We cannot truly understand nor ignore the power time has over our brief tenure as custodians and biological entities. It is difficult to process and accept this power because it represents a lack of influence and control.

Colours Blazing Like the Sun

There is a covenant between a country and its people. It’s an agreement and a bond that binds and informs and reinforces stability and conformity. The country agrees to acts justly and treat its people fairly. The state projects an image of everyday sanctity, of peace and potential. The people pay taxes, obey the law, take up arms, defend the homeland. They fetishize the flag and sing a strangled anthem. But when a state becomes unjust, acts unfairly and appears immoral, the covenant breaks. We have to each ask ourselves if our country is keeping its part of the covenant.



The first day of being a responsible father, a sensible adult. The first day of rebuilding and preparing for future success, security and happiness. The first day of overcoming temptation, defeating craving, of seeing the big picture and reinvigorating lifeless self-esteem. The first day of being better, of working towards fulfilling my potential, of meeting my responsibilities. The first day of learning to live again.